Angela Cockayne

The Whale as Muse

Flourish & Thrive


Sand Cast Pewter





arc whale

Weapons of Mass Extinction


Harpoons, flights, and shafts combined with bird wings, beaks, and fish fins and tails found on shorelines.

Nature’s armory against anthropogenic dominion.





Cast wax robins mutated with heron, owl, starling, duck, blackbird, sparrow swallow, pigeon, seagull skulls.

Trench Foot, Wax, thorns, lipstick, barbed wire.



Any day now

The robin is a fiercely territorial bird and fights to defend its territory, here they congregate together in protest against war at the start of their journey to St Pauls Cathedral, London… lest we forget

 Window flock

364 robins cast in wax, gathered in a single, nervous mass. As in Hitchcock’s The Birds, the sense of something yet to happen leaves the viewer with a heightened sense of awareness, a primitive superstition, like a walk under ladders.

flock jpeg

We may overlook one robin, a nostalgic seasonal delight, but en masse their presence transforms the space they occupy into an ambiguous and contemplative one.

Cockayne uses her curious mixture of materials with wit and irony. Bird’s beaks are made of thorns, their feet from hair grips and breasts coated with lipstick.

Thematically, the work continues her interest in the poetics of objects and the implication of inherent meaning. She divests objects and images of their conventional meanings, and invites them to address the viewer directly.

stp light

Any day now is a work in transit, it can change, it may split, pairs may separate from the flock to find new homes. Or the birds could band together to fly across the ocean to gather in another small town or city.

For now, they are wild, they perch where they don’t belong and we can’t quite read the omen they’ve brought with them. Good fortune, or to augur catastrophe that might never happen, a danger too tenuous to be put into words.

Maureen Freely


The Ark Embrace





An ‘Ol’ wooden ship‘ on her final voyage, now awaits restoration on the Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall England.

Latitude: 50.183106N  Longitude: 5.246911W

The Ark Embrace is a tabula rasa, through a consilience of international public action it will become a wunderkammer of anthropogenic legacy.

An interdisciplinary digital project embracing human achievement across the both the arts and sciences. This curated vessel of nominations will house both things and thoughts worth keeping- celebrating, a someone, something; art, music, text, an invention, an endangered species or simply an idea for the future.

This cabinet of curiosity subverts our gaze, a public action rather than utopic vision- socially, politically and ethically, should the balance with the natural world and environment no longer sustain us.

As the New York Times declines to publish the opinions of climate-change deniers and ecocides, may be time to ditch the doom rhetoric and reflect on things for safe keeping

            climate change is happening
            ice caps are melting
            and sea levels will inevitably rise

The world will not end but scientists now believe the sixth mass extinction may have already begun through over harvesting, habitat destruction, pollution, and unsustainable use of natural resources. We are at a pivotal point in history, nature will address the balance if we continue to consume unsustainably in a finite system and simultaneously destroy our environment in the process. Our fallibility appears to be an inability to think and act long term in a global context.

                                            Perhaps its time to Embrace the future

 The project aims to encourage public engagement with a cross disciplinary dialogue exploring art, natural science, myth and ecology, to celebrate the bridging of wonderment, intuition, reflection, and metaphorical ambiguities with evidence, experiment and exploration through the theme of Wunderkammer aboard the Ark Embrace.

 Now in the 21st century, a generation born digital, our aim is to investigate and explore a dialogue between art, science and ecology through collaborative partnership; a reunification of cultural disciplines to confront the skeptical and represent the undeniable evidence of our ecological trajectory through wonderment and engaging visual narratives.

 This digital cabinet of curiosity, microcosm or memory theatre will be a vehicle for solace, contemplation, wonder and knowledge transfer through a creative dialogue in an age of critical thought, post-media and negotiated meaning. This juxtaposition of ideas, objects and narratives will be a unique collection, finding analogies and parallels for global cultural exchange. If science gives us fact and evidence to solve questions, art creates curiosity; space for ambiguity, new narratives and more questions.

 This interdisciplinary project aims to generate, produce and curate new work for a new generation and consciousness. Work which transmutes the curious gaze, which establishes a dialogue on a scientific-artistic expedition that explores anthropogenic ecocide.

 Exploring the links between art and nature in context of a contemporary global consciousness using technology of an international digital platform our hope is to provide a conduit that acknowledges our environmental responsibility through curiosity and wonderment and a subversive gaze.


                    What would you nominate to preserve to place on board?


‘He swam the seas before the continents broke water; he swam over the site  of the Tuileries, and Windsor Castle, and the Kremlin.  In Noah’s flood  he despised Noah’s Ark; and if ever the world is to be again flooded,  like the Netherlands, to kill off its rats, then the eternal whale will  survive, and rearing upon the topmost crest of the equatorial flood,  spout his frothed defiance to the skies’  ch 105 Moby-Dick Herman Melville

Embrace The future (sea levels will rise)

40 per cent of the earth’s ice-free land mass is now intensively farmed to produce food;
                               only 12 per cent of its rivers run freely to the seas.
                                   Nearly one billion people go hungry every day;
                                               1.5 billion are overweight or obese.

                            Each year, more than 300,000 sea birds die on fishing lines
                                           & 100 million sharks are definned.
               Every square kilometre of sea contains 18,500 pieces of floating plastic.

                     Only 1 per cent of the world’s urban population are breathing air clean
                                                   enough to meet EU standards.

As the New York Times declines to publish the opinions of climate-change deniers and ecocides,..

                         it may be time to ditch the doom rhetoric to save the world

                                              climate change is happening
                                                   ice caps are melting
                                          and sea levels will inevitably rise

                                           Embrace the future.
     From the curators of the Moby Dick Big Read with 4 million downloads to date

                                                  The Ark Embrace

                                                  invites you to reflect and
                                                              the future


                                   A Literary, Scientific, and Artistic

                                                  You are warmly invited to

                                                Something, Someone, an Idea

                                                  to Preserve for the future 
                                                   aboard the ARK Embrace

                Art, myth, natural history, ecology and philosophy combine
                                                        to celebrate
 the bridging of  wonderment, intuition, reflection, and metaphorical ambiguities
             with evidence, experimentation and anthropogenic achievement.

                 Gaze @ 21 Century Wunderkammer for a new generation born digital 

                                                      re Discover
                                       our greatest achievements

                                Our true intent is all for your delight


at bizarre objects, great concepts – the obscure, the whimsical, and the

                           wonderful – which defy categorical boundaries



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