Beware Thyself

by Angela Cockayne

Fear helps us to stay alive, we are hardwired to react to uncertain and fearful situations. Constant anxiety on the other hand is less good for our health.

We do however seem to be living in an uncertain age where the mass media daily feeds our anxieties for political or corporate gain to the point of saturation.

We can become weary to bad news and made to feel guilty about good fortune and our environmental footprint.

We may no longer fear the bogeyman or the stranger in town, we are too busy worrying about perpetual wars, global warming, government corruption, terrorism, cybercrime, economic collapse let alone our own families, jobs, health or injustice.

It turns out perhaps we should stop worrying so much about the things we have little or no control over, and be more aware of own lifestyles and choices. According to the Atlantic, 2015 was the best year in history to be alive.

Recent american statistics show number of deaths daily within ‘self-control’ compared to 43 murders a day.

890 deaths daily caused by obesity, 241 deaths daily caused by drinking, and 1315 deaths a day related to smoking. 129 suicides a day, 129 accidental overdoses, 97 deaths a day by car accidents.

From Herman Melville’s prophetic masterpiece Moby-Dick

Collectively the stakes are much higher with the environment and the threat of nuclear war again. All we can do is individually try and act responsibly and sustainably and hope that the people we elect to govern us do so with self control. Being kind to others, oneself and our environment for our future generations to enjoy seems a better option than to live in a state constant anxiety.