by Angela Cockayne

embrace *mute

It is five hundred years since the Wunderkammer housed a united field of interdisciplinary enquiry, in an age before disciplines became separate under museums of science, nature and art. Fifty years ago CP Snow’s lecture on ‘Two Cultures’ mourned such separation; Edward O Wilson’s recent call echoed the desire for consilience of disciplines through a unity of knowledge.

Perhaps through a reunification, of art, science and nature, exploring a curious even subversive gaze we can confront the sceptical and represent the undeniable evidence of our trajectory through wonderment and engaging visual narratives to reflect upon our actions.

A new short film called Embrace will be screened from 7 November-2 Dec at Newlyn Art Gallery based on an ethical wunderkammer which documents some of the 300 objects installed in a retired wooden fishing vessel. Filmed on midsummers day the film has been described by the author Philip Hoare as ‘A Reliquary of our Age’

Using found materials on Cornish shorelines this interdisciplinary mix of objects, drawings and performance explores a consilience of mythological narrative and ecological concerns through our relationship with the sea, the land and the liminal space in between.

‘Angela Cockayne’s chimeric creations entirely from found materials: the only art we can afford to make in the 21st century?  This work is transcendently beautiful as well as being urgently relevant’ Philip Hoare