Sharkish Talk

by Angela Cockayne

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It is now thought that there has been a fifty percent loss of the global population of animals during the last fifty years. This fills me with a sense of shame, sadness, guilt, and grief, knowing it happened during my lifetime on ‘my watch’ and that somehow even only minutely, like everyone else I’m implicated in this.

At the rate we are going (the loss of biodiversity; 30,000 species a year) this will have a catastrophic effect on our own species.

We cannot reverse as yet the Co2 emissions released over the last 100 years but we could try and restrict it’s impact. It is a huge challenge for all humanity to try and live more ethically, responding to the impact of climate change.

Unpalatable truths, but it seems like the ‘Tide of time has come for sharkish talk’ if we are to avoid a looming environmental catastrophe. In the same way we are now beginning to address civil-rights, gender inequality and abuse, we urgently need to stand up on a massive collective scale to form a new global consciousness responding to climate breakdown and species loss; a cross -generational environmental revolution that supports and allows the environment and biodiversity to replenish. ‘Nature’ is incredible, it is also mutable, it will rupture perhaps to become a world we can no longer exist in, if we continue to abuse it. We are hardwired to pick the low hanging fruit but we are also self-aware and need to resist if we want our environment, bio-diversity and our own species to continue to flourish.

It has become morally imperative and we need to elect responsible  governments to take collective action on our behalf. The land is pillaged and traded for fossil fuels; oil, gas and coal which pollutes the air we breathe. The oceans have become an unsustainable larder, dump and sewer. We must collectively respect ‘our’ natural environment and resources, because they don’t belong to us, they never did.

Twenty five years ago scientists signed a warning to humanity claiming it was no longer a viable option to consume on a infinite scale. Mother nature is unwell we to need to protect ‘our’ oceans, ‘our’ soil, ‘our’ trees  ‘our’ water, the air we breathe and above all the fellow species with whom we share the planet.  We have behaved like they belong to us for generations selling them to the highest bidder, so perhaps it’s ‘times up’ to take some moral respsonsibility for them.

As custodians if we owe a debt to the past we can only repay that to tomorrow’s world. It is our moral obligation to try and leave the world in a better state than we found it for our children but sadly this no longer seems the case for my generation. We must embrace the future or forget the future doing nothing is no longer an option.

Collectively we must urgently elect governments who will prioritise environment over profit before the effects of global warming become irreversible. We seem to be throwing the baby out with bathwater, without a safe environment to live in GDP and economic growth are meaningless. The persistence of governments to ignore climate change will be globally genocidal.

Small deeds can form a global consciousness

Protest against government inaction on environment

Vote for environmental policy

Buy clean energy

Think sustainably

Consume less

Reduce Reuse and Repair

Resist Revolt & Rewild

Travel strategically, plan to combine tasks

Save energy, unplug when not in use

Lower your thermostat

Save water

Shop local/Think Global

Eat less protein/ meat /dairy

Grow your own food

Ban the use of pesticides

Incentivise sustainable energy

Recycle more

Avoid plastic

Garden for wildlife

Protect habitat restore ecosystems

Trade skills and produce with friends

Limit population growth (a difficult one, I have three children )

Shower less, we were born to smell

Wear clothes for longer

Alternatively hide under a barrel, go swimming, or dance like there is no tomorrow.